The most fascinating destination in the world

Thailand is full of surprises, very popular with travelers from around the world. It includes sandy beaches, rivers, plains, mountains…
All these are beautiful landscapes, a true postcard made up of historical sites, hospitable people and fine cuisine make Thailand a dream destination.

What is the best time of year to visit Thailand?

Thailand has a tropical climate and has three distinct seasons.

The dry season from November to February,
During this period of the year it has a lot of sunshine and the humidity is well below the annual average.
Temperatures range from 26 ° Celsius to 35 ° Celsius. This season is the peak of the tourist season. Golf courses and accommodation are well attended.

The hot season from March to May,
During this season the temperatures can reach 40 ° Celsius
However, the increase in temperature is very gradual.
So the conditions are very pleasant.
The best time to play golf this season is early morning or after lunch to avoid the hottest time of day.

The wet season from June to October,
The average temperatures range from 25 ° to 28 ° Celsius.
Although we may experience intermittent showers or thunderstorms at different times of the day, it’s probably the driest monsoon period of all countries of Southeast Asia, with plenty of sunshine. You can play golf almost every day since the showers are more frequent in the afternoon and are usually short.